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 How to Love Yourself WIthout Conditions and Reconnect with the Divine Creatress


Presented by Cristina Madine,
Founder & CEO of The Balanced Bella.

I'm on a mission to help women heal and reconnect with their Divine Feminine through the power of the womb space. We aren't meant to suffer. For so long our power has been disconnected, quieted, shut down. It has been feared not revered. I'm here to change that because healed women heal the world. Join me on this journey of Loving yourself without conditions. Improve your self-image, break up with self-sabotage, reconnect with your Divine Creatress to begin to rewrite your new story for a life filled with abundance, passion, joy, love, and power. The world is yours!

You will....

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What You're Getting


7 Day Self Love Challenge


4 Mind Opening Heart-Melting Modules 


A Beautiful Self Love Activation


Indulgent Chocolate Recipes


A Powerful Cacao Ceremony


Loving Support To Keep You Going

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