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The Bella Fertility Boost

Activate Your Fertility - Fertility struggles are a common issue women face when starting the journey- but you can boost your fertility in just 28 days

Are You Ready to Start a Family, but Struggling to Conceive?


Presented by Cristina Madine
Founder & CEO of The Balanced Bella.

Trying to conceive is scary.

Especially when you are going to be a first-time mom or have struggled with fertility in the past. You don’t know what to expect- or when.

And as time goes on without a positive test- you start to wonder if you’ll ever get pregnant at all.


To top it off, the stress from all that worry doesn’t help either.

(Been there… lived that…)

White Maternity Tank Top

If you're struggling with fertility, you should always start at the root - your nutrition.

And if that sounds confusing.....
Don't worry - I'm going to help you do it all!
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The Bella Fertility Boost

A holistic, integrative approach to boosting your fertility naturally, for women who want to conceive, prepare their bodies for a happy and healthy pregnancy

To deliver a child is the most beautiful thing in this world.

Embrace your power and prepare your body for a healthy conception and pregnancy

Here's What You'll Get to Support the Next 28-Days

Prepare your body for the most beautiful journey of your life.

The Bella Fertility Boost Prorgam includes everything you need to start and maintain a fertility boosting diet.


Here is a sneak peek at everything you'll get:


The 28-Day Fertility Guide

A complete layout and a step-by-step walkthrough of the program with resources and tips for a happier, healthier you- before, during, and after your pregnancy.

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My Fertility Recipes:

32 Fertility-boosting recipes designed to give your body the nutrition it needs to both prepare for the baby and support your pregnancy.

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28-Day Suggested Meal Plan

The 4-week plan will include the recipes that we will have already provided you during the program so that it is effortless for you to manage the program.

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Weekly Grocery Lists & Shopping Tips

To make sure this program is as easy as possible, we built out weekly grocery lists with all the ingredients you need for the meal plan, so all you have to do is head to the store (and I have shared my best tips on shopping once you get there too!).

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Essential Things to Do Before Pregnancy

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Best Supplements During Pregnancy

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  • Cycle Tracker 

  • Affirmations 

  • Male Fertility Factor 

  • Fertility Plan with Consultation 

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