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The Baby Bella - Improve Your Egg Quality

Do you suffer from infertility and are tired of all the confusing information out there?

Do you want to finally understand what the heck is happening with your hormones?

Have you given up checking ovulation tests and spending way too much money on negative pregnancy tests because nothing is working?

Do you want to learn some of the simple ways that you can improve your chances??

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Why You Need This 

You're Not Alone

It’s time for you to feel confident and alive again - loving your body and feeding it what it needs in order to accomplish your ultimate goal - pregnancy.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to balance out your hormones and successfully conceive.

You are about to learn the 7 biggest factors that impact your fertility and what you can do about them - I'm also giving you the SOLUTIONS to remove the roadblocks from your fertility. 

Hi! I’m Cristina

Just like you, I struggled with infertility and hormone imbalance. I could not conceive. I started to hate sexy time with my husband because it always ended with another negative test. My heart was always broken.  My self-esteem shot. And secretly depressed when my friends were getting pregnant.

Infertility is more common than you think - and guess what? It’s not your fault, your body isn't working against you - there are things you can control NOW to improve your chances of conceiving.

Common life factors like: 

  • The foods we eat,

  • Frequency of sex

  • Timing of sex

  • Stress

  • Blood Sugar

  • Weight

  • And more that are blocking you.

But don’t worry - I helped improve my ability to conceive by changing a few things in my life. 

Today, I’m​

  • Happier and Stress-Free

  • Feel amazing and have balanced hormones

  • Trying for a baby!

I created this Baby Bella Course to teach women about Infertility & to show them do-able ways to support their bodies, start on a path that will help them, and reach their ultimate goal - having a baby.

Are you ready to be free of the disappointment and heartbreak of yet another negative test?

Are you ready to balance out your hormones and give your body what it needs to remove the roadblocks?

What if you could change that negative into a positive? It’s time to take back your health and start helping yourself conceive… Naturally!


You’ll Learn:

  • How to ditch the stress and confusion around your fertility

  • Improve Egg Quality - Now and into your 40s

  • The 7 biggest factors affecting your fertility and what you can do about them

  • Superfoods to eat and avoid to ensure fertility

  • Simple steps to reduce toxins

  • Herbs and Supplements to boost fertility

  • Energy Management

  • Fertility Friendly Fitness

  • Real solutions to balance your hormones and reduce toe roadblocks inhibiting your fertility


  • Woman's Guide to Hormone Testing

  • Boost Your Immunity 

  • Coming off Birth Control

  • Fertility Plan with Consultation 

The Baby Bella

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